Senior Manager

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Leads the company's strategic direction related to the implementation of Building Information Modeling.
2. Coordinates with the Information Technology department to ensure that all CAD/BIM systems are functioning properly and efficiently at all times.
3. Develops BIM Guidelines while understanding each disciplines’ specific needs of the software platform.  This includes the creation of parts, devices, and tools that increase productivity and reduces the variance for the production environment.
4. Ability to fluently speak about general software trends in the industry.  This includes software and general technology in order to support the ongoing smooth operations that occur in the support of the user environment.
5. Continuously evaluates and assesses new software and hardware products to give design staff a competitive advantage in the workplace.
6. Develops and follows through on technical processes for BIM implementation across all disciplines.
Secondary Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Interacts with software providers, Internal BIM Teams and the Information Technology Department.
2. Developing continuing education for BIM technology.
3. May be required to perform other duties as assigned, including plotters, other output, and digital applications.
Required Skills
Critical Skills and Abilities:
1. Demonstrates Leadership Skills:  Able to assume a role of authority, as necessary; sets an example for co-workers; delegates responsibility and empowers associates to make decisions and take personal accountability for decisions.
2. Design: Generates creative solutions; translates concepts and information into images; Uses feedback to modify designs; Applies design principles; Demonstrates attention to detail.
3. Effective communication skills: Able to clearly present information through the spoken or written word; reads and interprets complex information; listens well.
4. High accuracy and attention to detail: Able to perform work and job function with precision and accuracy; realizes errors can have significant impact on desired results and is able to avoid errors in almost all circumstances; carefully monitors processes; concentrates on details and organizes and maintains a system of records.
5. Computer skills required: Microsoft Windows environment; Google Mail, calendar, and apps; Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access; Autodesk AEC Building Suite (AutoCAD and Revit Platforms)
Required Experience
Bachelors degree in applicable field required.
8-10 years experience in architecture, engineering, or construction related industry.
3-5 years extensive experience with BIM related technology.

Job Location: Chongqing
Position Type: Full-Time/Regular

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